The Future of Integration with MS Technologies

With the announcement of BizTalk Server 2010 R2, it is clear that there is great commitment from MS for supporting on-premise solutions. However, one other smart move from MS was they are now catering to all the three areas below:

Area: On-Premises Integration

BizTalk Server
Windows Server AppFabric

Area: Hybrid Integration

BizTalk Server
Windows Azure AppFabric
Windows Server AppFabric

Area: Cloud Integration

Windows Azure AppFabric

BizTalk 2010 R2 boasts improvements in the following areas:

Development Environment Support:
1) Visual Studio 2011
2) SQL Server 2012
3) Windows 8
4) Easy migration from BizTalk Srv 2010

Updates & Improvments:
1) Updated schemas and accelarators. Eg: HIPPA, HL7, SWIFT
2) Support for faster batch processing.
3) Improved performance with ordered send ports.
4) Support for new data sources. Eg IBM informix.

1) Easily extend on-premise apps to the cloud.
2) Tighter integration with Windows Azure Service Bus.
2) Licensing geared towards cloud licensing.