More cloud based integration posts coming up

As we move towards the cloud, we need to be able to expose endpoints on the cloud for integration that follows a hybrid model (see my previous post that describes what a hybrid model is) . In the next few days, I will be writing posts that demonstrate how BizTalk can be used to talk to Azure service bus and other cloud based services.
Meanwhile, msdn has avery interesting article on this and can be found here.



The Future of Integration with MS Technologies

With the announcement of BizTalk Server 2010 R2, it is clear that there is great commitment from MS for supporting on-premise solutions. However, one other smart move from MS was they are now catering to all the three areas below:

Area: On-Premises Integration

BizTalk Server
Windows Server AppFabric

Area: Hybrid Integration

BizTalk Server
Windows Azure AppFabric
Windows Server AppFabric

Area: Cloud Integration

Windows Azure AppFabric

BizTalk 2010 R2 boasts improvements in the following areas:

Development Environment Support:
1) Visual Studio 2011
2) SQL Server 2012
3) Windows 8
4) Easy migration from BizTalk Srv 2010

Updates & Improvments:
1) Updated schemas and accelarators. Eg: HIPPA, HL7, SWIFT
2) Support for faster batch processing.
3) Improved performance with ordered send ports.
4) Support for new data sources. Eg IBM informix.

1) Easily extend on-premise apps to the cloud.
2) Tighter integration with Windows Azure Service Bus.
2) Licensing geared towards cloud licensing.