Accessing archived (& purged) tracking data in BizTalk 2009/2010

It is known that the BizTalkDTADb database can grow over a period of time if not purged regularly. For this there is a sql job in BizTalk which can be configured to archive and purge tracked data at regular intervals. The job is called DTA Purge and Archive. Once this job is configured and enabled, it archives and purges tracking data as per the schedule in the job.

Everytime the job runs, it archives this database which can be restored with a different name in SSMS.

Database restored in SQL Server Management Studio with a diff name:

Once the the archived copy is restored, it can be accessed from BTS Admin Console.

You now get to select the tracking database as shown below:

On connecting to the archived database, the database now appears in BTS Admin Console which can be queried to display tracked events and messages.

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