SFTP adapter available for BizTalk


The guys at codeplex have released an excellent addition to the BizTalk adapter family for interaction with SFTP servers. While BizTalk 2010 comes with an FTPS adapter, there is no SFTP adapter available out of the box. I have used this for my latest project and its pretty easy to configure.

You can find it here.

Some differences between SFTP and FTPS…

FTPS and SFTP use different protocols to provide their security layer. FTPS uses SSL or Secure Socket Layer over port 21. The “S” in SFTP does not stand for SSL. It stands for SSH or secure shell, which runs over port 22. It uses less server resources, does not require an FTP server to be running and is a much better security option.


• Widely known and used
• Provides services for server-to-server file transfer
• SSL/TLS has good authentication mechanisms (X.509 certificate features)
• FTP and SSL/TLS support is built into many internet communication frameworks.


• Doesn’t have a uniform directory listing format
• Requires a secondary DATA channel, which makes it hard to use behind the firewalls
• Doesn’t define a standard for file name character sets (encodings)
• Doesn’t have a standard way to get and change file and directory attributes
• Not all FTP servers support SSL/TLS



• Has good standards background which strictly defines most (if not all) aspects of operations
• Has only one connection (no need for DATA connection)
• The connection is always secured
• The directory listing is uniform and machine-readable
• The protocol includes operations for permission and attribute manipulation, file locking and more functionality


• The communication is binary and can’t be logged “as is” for human reading
• SSH keys are harder to manage and validate
• No server-to-server copy and recursive directory removal operations
• No built-in SSH/SFTP support in VCL and .NET frameworks

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