ESB vs. Point to Point Architecture

The primary benefit of using ESB is its ability to decouple services and processes so they can be managed separately. Decoupling allows integration teams to easily develop, test, deploy and scale any new services with little or no impact on the existing running components.

Another great benefit of ESB is its ability to incrementally deploy services which lowers the upfront investment required. As services are added into the “bus” they get thoroughly tested and become reliable and reusable building blocks for future projects and new business requirements.
By simplifying integration and reusing existing services ESB infrastructure increases IT‘s ability to support the business expansion.

2 Responses

  1. Why is this posted under ‘biztalk’? Biztalk is a broker, not an ESB. Biztalk is a single point of failure and doesn’t scale.

    • Hi ACSmith,

      Yes BizTalk is not an ESB. BizTalk is a superset of ESB. What it also means is it is more than a just a broker.

      To comment on your second point about BizTalk being a single point of failure- with the ESB architecture in BizTalk, this is not the case!

      Hope this helps.


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