“The following URL is not valid…” when publishing infopath forms

I recently hit this issue where I could not publish my infopath form to my Sharepoint site. This was a strange one as all configuration was correct and my site was available. I then realised that I need to have atleast one site at the root. I only sites under the /sites/ folder. I then created a site at the root and I could publish my infopath forms!



Where is the Microsoft.RuleEngine.dll?

I had recently created a fact retriever in one of the BizTalk projects and had a hard time looking for the Microsoft.RuleEngine.dll. By default it is located in the default biztalk application directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\BizTalk Server 2009). However, I had my BizTalk 2009 installation on a 64bit system.

Strangely, this dll was located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft BizTalk. I spent about an hour looking for this. Hopefully it should help someone.



Faults not showing up in the ESB Portal

I recently had a situation where I setup ESB and the Exception management framework and any faults generated in my orchestration would not get inserted in the EsbExceptionDb. I had followed all the rules and was stumped by this behavior for several hours.
The fix to this was like a needle in the hay stack. It was the orchestration transaction which I had set to atomic (D’oh!)!. This has to be either set to ‘none’ or ‘Long running’ for the faults to get propagated to the exception database.

Also, being in an atomic scope BizTalk would not commit any newly published messages to the message box database, allowing subscriptions to kick in, before the atomic scope would finish or rollback should something in the atomic scope fail.



Paramaters not visible in the Call Rules shape

If you are using the call rules shape in an orchestration and cannot see any parameters after selecting your policy, you havent set the fully qualified name in the Document Type textbox while defining you vocabulary.

You can get the fully qualified name of your document from the ‘Fully Qualified name’ property of your schema. Copy this and paste it in the Document Type textbox while defining your ‘Xml Document Element or Attribute’ vocabulary definition. Deploy your policy and you should now be able to see params in call rules shape.



The itinerary was not found in the repository

If you have exported your model to the database and still see this message in the event log, you need to verify two things:

1) The ItineraryfactKey is set to “Resolver.Itinerary” in the ESB pipeline properties.

2) The Itinerary Status is set to “Deployed” before exporting the model.

Once deployed check the Itinerary table in EsbItineraryDb. The nStatus field should have the value of 1. Published is 0.


Missing Microsoft.SQLServer.ASTasks when configuring BAM views.

I recently hit this issue while configure BAM views in ESB 2.0. I had a multibox install of BizTalk where BizTalk and SQL Server were seperate servers.

Deploying Activity…Done
Deploying View…Error: The Bam deployment failed
Could not load file or assembly `Microsoft.SQLServer.ASTasks, version`or one of its dependencies.

The fix was simple. I had to install SQL Server 2008 Integration Services on the BizTalk box.