W3SVC on 'localhost' not available!

I once hit this issue where I couldnt see my wcf service and got this exception:

“(Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Wcf.Publishing.WebDirectory.WebDirectoryException) World Wide Web service (W3SVC) on host “localhost” not available.

The following Windows component may not be installed: Application Server -> Internet Information Services (IIS) -> Common Files.

Unknown error (0x80005000)”


The fix was simple. Here is what I did:

At IIS 7 enable “IIS 6.0 Compatibility”:

1. Open Control Panel
2. Double-click Programs and Features
3. Expand Internet Information Services
4. Expand Web Management Tools
6. Check IIS 6 Management Compatibility



3 Responses

  1. Thanks mate! It was bloody helpful!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I am installing a BT2006 app on WS2008 (64-bit) and I was getting there until my MSI would not run. Changing IIS7 settings as you described allowed it to run.

  3. Complete lifesaver! Trying to use Biztalk 2009 WCF publication wizard & hit brick wall until I found this tip. Made the updates & it then worked like a charm. Many thanks!

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